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Art of the Week #34: ‘DS Ellie Miller’

Charcoal on paper. 

Working purely with tones without an outline is hard…

…but by Jove, it’s a hell lot more fun doing it that way.

After using charcoal to paint my first charcoal portrait of Einar Selvik, I received a suggestion from my friend, David (he’s the guy in the photo in this post), to attempt portraits of the two main characters from the British crime drama series, Broadchurch, and I thought: “Why not?”

In case you are interested, here is the trailer for the show’s first season. It’s a show that takes a look into how one crime can start tearing down the community of a small, idyllic English seaside town. And for 3 seasons, this beautiful story shows how that same community learn to heal from that.

So, I went for my favourite character first: DS Ellie Miller. And this was my first (disastrous) attempt:

First attempt: Suddenly Cate Blanchett

I started with outlines. Then, one thing led to another and the blending came out terribly (I overdid it) and when I stepped back, I noticed that the proportions felt off. This was not Olivia Colman’s Ellie; this was Cate Blanchett. It was not my intention. The eyes were wrong, the jawline seemed wrong. In addition to that, the blending was very distracting and messy, and that pulled the focus of the picture away from where I intended: her eyes.

So instead of going with the outlines approach (that I used for my Einar Selvik portrait), which I felt led me to obsessing over every little thing on the face that kind of made everything the focus that the picture got lost, I decided to just wing it. Started with the one eye and then slowly worked outwardly from there.

It was a challenge to work with this technique. I have seen people do it and I have always been in awe. I never thought I could do such a thing. It was unfathomable for me: drawing without an outline? Without a model to get the proportions right? It was crazy!

It’s instinctive drawing; that’s what it is. And after my second attempt at painting Ellie’s portrait with charcoal, I think I will subscribe to this technique from now on.

‘DS Ellie Miller’. Charcoal on paper.

So next. D.I. Alec Hardy.

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Midweek Inspiration: A Practice with Portraits

So, going off of this last photography post, I would like to present two new photos from that shoot, both of the photography ‘genre'(?) that has been, up to this point, the one I have practiced the least: portrait photography.

Here is the first of one of my best friends, David. As you can see here, the sunset that evening was immaculate, so it was the perfect time and spot to take such a picture.

‘Immaculate Evening’. Nikon D3500, f/5.6, shutter 1/20, 105.0mm, ISO 100, edited with Raw Therapee.

Here is another photo, this time of the old friend from primary school. Here, I was practicing using the grass to frame her as the subject, which worked out surprisingly well. I didn’t think I’d pull it off, but yeah, it’s not bad.

‘Among The Grass’. Nikon D3500, f/5.6, shutter 1/20, 105.0mm, ISO 100, edited with Raw Therapee.
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Unlikely Friendship — A short story by Claire E. Nat

My friend, Claire E. Nat, has written this awesome story for our collaborative story-telling blog, and I can’t help but feel like it could be a perfect one for this Spooky season. Check it out now!

Dust Tapes Write

Prompt: Whisper

15th December 2009

Moving to a new neighbourhood wasn’t exactly how I planned to spend my first year at secondary school. Staying wasn’t really an option either though, with mum’s company relocating her. I mean, I’m glad she’s finally getting the promotion after so many years. If anyone deserved it, it’s her. I guess having the company paying for the relocation helps, especially into this huge mansion. Who would have thought houses like these were real. It looks like something out of a magazine or a movie set.

23rd December 2009

Finally finished unpacking after what felt like forever. Brian wasn’t much help though, taking selfies and showing off on Instagram. I still find the designs a little over the top though. It’s like entering a new house in every room with all the different designs from floor to ceiling. Mum is really going all out with the…

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Photo of the Week #25: ‘Taking A Shot’

Nikon D3500, f/4.8,  1/80 shutter, 48.0mm zoom, ISO 100

Photo at Flickr:

Yesterday evening, I went out on a little photography session with a small group of mates (2 from secondary school, 1 from primary school) at UCSI Hotel University. At least for me, this was my first proper photography session in a long while, and it was a surprisingly productive one.

I managed to capture quite a number of interesting shots and also experimented with portrait shots, which I must admit, after that session, actually got me even more interested in it.

For this first shot that I am going to post here today, though, it would be a landscape shot first. I’m still playing around with what I can do with the portraits I have taken, and I’d probably need some level of consent from the models.

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Art of the Week #33: ‘Einar Selvik’

Charcoal on brown paper.

Wardruna — a Norwegian Nordic folk band that I have been following ever since watching History Channel’s Vikings series — has just release another single from their upcoming new album, both bearing the title ‘Kvitravn’, meaning White Raven. And I love it so much, I thought I’d do something special to celebrate: make a portrait of Wardruna frontman, Einar Selvik, with charcoal.

‘Einar Selvik’. Charcoal on brown paper.

Here is a link to the song, in case you wanna check it out.

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